1.) Flooring Notification:
When a dealer chooses to floor a vehicle, the dealer must notify Flooring
department prior to removal of car from auction.  Once the dealer has made the call to floor a vehicle, the flooring process is started, and said vehicle cannot be "unfloored."

2.) Insurance:
Dealers must furnish a "Loss Payee" document in a timely manner. If not,
dealers' flooring line will be suspended until insurance information is provided.  ABS would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

3.) Extension/Reflooring Fees:
Please be prompt letting us know if you want an extension, we cannot assume you want an extension and then bill you.

4) Flooring Limit:
ABS Finance reserves the right to reduce flooring line limits. Little or no use by
the dealer will result in a lowering of credit limit.

5.) NSF Checks:
If we receive a NSF check, you have 24 hours to replace it with a cashier's check.
After 24 hours you are subject to vehicle repossession and or freezing of your credit line. WE WILL HOLD ALL TITLES WHEN A NSF CHECK IS PRESENTED. A
second NSF check will result in cancellation of flooring line.

6.) Repossessions:
Involuntary repo will result in fees being charged to dealer, and an immediate filing on dealer's bond. Voluntary repo will result in a smaller fee charged to dealer. Dealer has 15 days from date of repossession to redeem vehicles.

7.) Outside Flooring:
You may use a maximum of 50% of your total flooring line for Outside Flooring.
The remaining 50% or more must be used for purchases at ABS Auto Auctions.

ABS Finance Company
Policies & Procedures
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Most flooring companies application and approval process is cumbersome requiring extensive credit checks, financial statements and mounds of paperwork.  ABS Finance Company makes the process easy requiring only a copy of your most recent three month's of bank statements and a short, easy-to-complete registration form.

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